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Interior Trends and General Contracting

Finished Basements

Custom Kitchen Renovations and Remodeling

Quality Construction and Modern Living Styles

Bathroom Design and Planning

Trusted Contractors in General Construction, Small and Medium-Sized Home Repairs, Renovations and Remodeling Projects in Lancaster, York, Dauphin and Lebanon Counties

    Out of a love for construction projects and a fascination for design trends comes Interior Trends Renovation and Construction. Andy Schoenberger grew up in Elizabethtown and has a passion for improving the town any way he can.
    Whether from service in the local Rotary, Main Street Improving Business (MSIB), the Elizabethtown Chamber of Commerce, or by beautification one property at a time; Interior Trends is driven to make their mark on E-town and the surrounding areas.


    Andy creates unique functional spaces using quality products and workmanship. Call today for your free quote and “Come home to comfort” with Interior Trends Renovation and Construction!


Interior Trends and General Contracting; Managing your project from start to finish.

As a highly-trusted and experienced resource for construction, renovation and remodeling in Lancaster, York, Dauphin and Lebanon Counties, Interior Trends Renovation and Construction plays the lead role in coordination of labor, materials, equipment, vendor partners and outside resources necessary to complete all aspects of your commercial or residential construction project.

Our Management Team

With decades of construction, renovation and remodeling experience, Interior Trends Renovation and Construction leads both commercial and residential construction projects, providing the home or business owner valuable time to focus on their families and careers, with the peace of mind that their rental space construction, office remodeling or home renovation project will run smoothly and safely…being completed on budget and on time.

Our Approach and Commitment

Interior Trends Renovation and Construction believes that listening, leading and leveraging are critical in each client relationship.

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Interior Trends

Use our knowledge and experience to keep up with new products, higher quality, home buyer trends, property value accelerators, and material pricing.

Professional Planning and Design

Starting with reasonable and honest design that considers functionality, budget, and lifestyle to planning and coordinating all aspects of the project.

General Contracting

Your time is valuable, your life is multi-faceted, and weeks pass by quickly. Let us manage the project timing, coordinate the specialists, and consolidate payments.

Business and Commercial

In our commercial construction and remodeling consultations, we listen to your vision and goals, then we focus on the productivity and functionality of retail and commercial spaces, looking to maximize revenue potential through our strategic design process, so that your buildout or remodel captures customer excitement and encourages their investment in your business.


With residential renovation projects, we operate with the same principles, looking to visualize your ideal living space, whether for you and your family, for resale purposes, or for your tenants for whom you desire to create a clean, modern and comfortable environment that establishes them as long-term resident in your rental property.

Our list of services include:

  • Pre-Construction Consultation
  • Project Analysis and Planning
  • Cost Evaluation and Estimating
  • Budgeting and Bid Process Management
  • Interior and Exterior Design Drafting and Review
  • Contract Review and Negotiations
  • General Contracting
  • Scheduling, Coordination and Construction Management
  • Subcontractor and Vendor Relationships
  • Material and Labor Cost Calculations and Management
  • Permitting Process and Application Completion/Submission
  • Organization, Planning and On-Site Visitation/Project Supervision
  • Quality Assurance and Final Inspections
  • Project Cost Review and Estimate Reconciliation

Areas Of Expertise and Credentials:

  • Licensed, Insured and Bonded
  • Licensed Wholesale Purchaser of Construction, Hardscape and Landscape Materials
  • Long-Term Vendor and Contractor Relationships that offer Competitive Material and Labor Rates
  • Specializing in Retail Business Renovations, Restaurant Remodeling, Commercial Office Space Buildouts
  • Well-Established Partnerships in Commercial and Residential Real Estate, Finance and Banking
  • 3-D Design/Build Concepts and Consultation
  • Sourcing Capabilities among builders, remodelers, electricians, plumbers, carpenters specializing in cabinets and countertops, flooring, painting and HVAC installation